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Artful Humour

Artful Humour

Kirstin Bowen

Flowing from the pens, pencils and watercolours of Carol Sher, are the humorously flamboyant characters of Lulu & her pet cat Mew, characters whose lives could be drawn from the pages of “Cosmo” and definitely live “Life with a bit of a giggle”.

Lulu, the personification of style, fine living, grace and privilege, is the quirky centerpiece of a family of eccentrics. Lulu leads by example, and her examples are thick with a joie de vivre played out in the products of “Life with Lulu and Mew” This lady lives her life of comfort, love with of course the proper applications of wit and self-indulgence. Designer Sher originally worked as a hospital technologist by day and as an artist by night. At one point early in the pursuit of art, she purchased an old school bus, converted it to a motor home and travelled from craft shows to Renaissance Fairs with her art on tow. “My dream was to make art my full-time career and now I have managed that. The characters that started out as childhood sketches can now bring pleasure and humour to women (and a few men) all over the world."