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  • How to Choose the Perfect Gift for Christmas

    Christmas is coming and it's going to be that time when we have to trawl through the shops and stores and search for that perfect gift to give to family, friends and loved ones. But what on earth do they really want or what is that they actually need and how do you get a gift that is just perfect for that special person in your life. Continue reading

  • Semi Precious Stones and why they are Significant

    India makes a lot of money through mining its minerals of semi precious stones. The country is blessed with an abundance of semi precious stones beneath its grounds that it sells all over the world. One city, Jaipur is well known to be the centre of the semi and traditionally precious gemstone trade and has also been dubbed "the Pink City." It is here that you will find hundreds of small outlets that specialize in cutting and finishing gemstones and you will not have much difficulty locating a fine artisan or two here in this city. Continue reading

  • Things You Might Not Have Known About Silver

    Gold always seems to get the headlines and the fame or glory. Silver often feels like the younger sister of a well known diva that is always in the limelight. But this lesser cousin still harbors some unique qualities that make this a fascinating metal. Continue reading

  • The Right Way to Fit Drawer Liners

    You may have noticed that your drawers where you keep clothing, cutlery, various bits and pieces of paperwork so often get clogged up with dirt, dust and all sorts of stains over time. Applying drawer liners keeps things clean, fresh and protects against any accidents or spillages that may occur when you open your drawer. Continue reading

  • Solutions to Wedding Guest Complaints, Part 2

    Some more complaints and solutions to help your wedding day go as smoothly as possible. You can please all the people all the time, but with these tips you can certain stay ahead of the game. Continue reading

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